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Wiper Seal

A hydraulic wiper or scraper prevents contamination of the hydraulic medium that could damage wear rings, rod seals and other components. Breakdowns and premature seal failure in a hydraulic system is primarily caused by contamination. As the piston rods retract into the system, they carry dust and other particles on its surface. The wiping lip of the scrapes keeps these particles outside the system preventing any destruction of the seal and damage to the moving surface. Relative to its importance, the wiper seal is the most underrated seal in the hydraulic cylinder. The surrounding environment and service conditions must be taken into special consideration while choosing the wiper seal design. Various seal profiles of wipers include both single and double lip seals are available. The housing is kept open or closed depending upon both seal profiles and design specification. Ambica has developed special seal design to operate in the harshest of environment. Special care should be taken while installing the wipers. Basic materials: Polyurethane, Nitrile, Fluorocarbon, PTFE and its compounds.

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