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What is the difference between a pump and a motor?

A pump converts rotational force on its shaft into pressurised oil to supply hydraulic components. Pumps generally have a large suction port and a smaller pressure port. A hydraulic motor converts pressurized oil to one of its ports into rotational force on its shaft. Motors generally have equal size ports. Pumps & motors sometimes look alike.

How do I measure a seal?

The inner diameter (I.D.) outer diameter (O.D.) and height are the most common ways to measure a seal. It’s best to take these measurements from the cavity where the seal is located and the shaft which goes through it.

Why does Hydraulic Pump Fails?

We see lots of hydraulic pump fails with lots of different problems. But there are several problems which are most common:
1) Long Term Wear
2) Contamination
3) Cavitation
4) Over Heating

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